My camera won’t stop vibrating…

Best at this point to do a hard RESET.  The camera has a small Reset port next to the microphone jack.  Remove the PODZ cap and insert a paperclip or pen point to reset the device.  Also note that The Game unit has a RESET port inside the waterproof door.

11 thoughts on “My camera won’t stop vibrating…

  1. I have this problem.
    Pressing reset makes no difference.
    Have removed SD card and re-formatted – no change
    Have allowed battery to go flat and then recharged and started – no change
    I’m now running out of ideas

  2. Mine as well. Tried all of the above. No change, still buzzing/vibrating. Has anyone found a remedy besides letting it run out of power and using it as a paperweight?

  3. Likewise, tried all the reset, reformat options but still no joy. Ion don’t seem to be at all bothered at the number of people having the same problem.

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