My video is jumpy or has no sound when I play it back on my computer?

PCs, Macs and laptops have a wide range of power and capability for playing H264 video.  Issues with poor playback can include:

  • Your machine has no hardware support for playing HD video.  Video decoding is best done in hardware and most all modern machines have hardware assistance.  If your machine does not, the processor is doing all of the work and may not be able to keep up.  In these cases you may get better video playback performance by closing other windows.
  • Your PC’s video player application may not have the proper codecs (compression decoders) for our HD video files. Please update your codecs for mp4 video and/or try another video player program.

How much video can I take on my micro SD card?

A 16GB card will hold about 2 to 2.5 hrs. hrs of 1080p/30fps video. More specifically:

  • 1080p @ 30fps video and 720p/60fps use about 1 GB of space per 8 minutes of video.
  • 720p @ 30fps uses about 1GB of space for each 15 min. of video footage.
  • 960p @ 30fps uses about 1GB for 13 min. of video.