The iON line of point-of-view video cameras is perfect for everyone who wants to experience life—and then relive the experience. From action cameras to home monitoring, iON captures it all simply and brilliantly.

The iON line covers a vast range of highly specialized products, from our flagship Air Pro® to our stealthy CamoCam™ to our iON the home™ video monitoring system. Every product has been designed for simple, intuitive operation. Our action cameras are shockproof, waterproof, and tough as nails, yet they capture the video you want in pixel-perfect HD clarity.

The iON team spent years developing and designing cameras and wireless gear for some of the biggest brands in the business, and today we’re proud to put our experience to work for the most exciting brand in imaging. We’re passionate about giving iON customers cameras that exceed their expectations.

iON Cameras pioneered the concept of Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity in point-of-view (POV) cameras with its aerodynamic and fully-waterproof Air Pro, Speed-Pro, CamoCam, and The Game lines. It has branched into the home with the iON the home system and recently announced the iON SnapCam, a first-of-its kind, tiny, wearable social imaging camera, which will be available in summer 2015. All iON cameras make it easy to capture and share high-definition video and still images, with Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage.

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  1. I have purchased a Ion Air Pro 3 WiFi Camera today and when I connect it to my smart devices it says to go to your web site Ioncamera.com to update firmware.
    When I go to website I can’t find the update firmware?
    I tether the camera to my laptop computer with usb cable and internet access, Then go into Inon App Windows through my computer and click the firmware check button and all it does is says “failed update try again” I click try again and it does the same thing over and over again and won’t download any updates.
    So what do I do to get the firmware update on my camera so I can use it?

  2. I love the ion smart snap camera so I bought a wifi version. Big mistake.
    Problems? Here’s a list:

    Manual is barely legible and print so small you need bright lights and a magnifiying glass.

    Try finding their website. It always defaults to a new product 360 degree camera

    The manual doesn’t help. It says to connect to Wifi but wifi won’t pick it up. It does pick up bluetooth.

    Then the camera locked up – wouldn’t turn on. I had to leave it in as drawer for two weeks for the battery to die and reset. Guess what? No reset pinhole on the wifi version.

    You need the wifi app to take timelapse stills so you have to connect to wifi first but if you can’t connect to wifi – you are S O L

    I tried to download new firmware as listed in the camera manual – a seperate slip of paper and it tells me to go to a support web site. Guess what? 404 error. (Does not exist or it is discontinued due to replacing it with 360 degree camera sales pitch? )

    Query – you make a decent camera why can’t you provide the user with decent documentation and links that actually work.

    5 stars for the camera. Zero stars for the documentation. ‘Nuff said.

  3. My ION Air Pro Lite records only for a minute or so. It stops by itself. I did set auto-turnoff to “off” but that did not help. Any ideas?

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