My computer is not recognizing my camera when I connect it via USB.

First, make sure all cables are secure.

Simply tethering the camera activates charging but not a data connection.  The camera must be turned ON and connected via a USB 2.0 port in order to access the stored media or to configure the camera settings.

Try using a different port on your computer. The computer is a USB host device which supplies power to the camera. Avoid USB Hubs which split the available 5V to other devices find professional carpet cleaners. Hubs may not provide enough power to correctly operate the camera – particularly if you have other devices plugged in to the HUB.

5 thoughts on “My computer is not recognizing my camera when I connect it via USB.

  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me how i find drivers for my iON Air Pro please?

    I have tried to find them on your sites but have no luck. I have a mac but can also run from a Windows based system if necessary.


  2. I am having trouble accessing the ion application on both of my computers (both Mac and PC). Firstly, the website listed to ”download the latest Mac software application version” does not exist. Secondly, (on my pc) the application will only launch for .2 seconds and disappear.

  3. We can not get our to connect to the computer either. We had it once and then we can not get it back. What do we do. We are using the cord that came with it and did everything the book and internet said. Ready to take this thing back!!

  4. I bought this because i’m not a rocket scientist …seems I have to be to get the fekkin video!
    What a pile of shite!
    why can’t you guys just do a plug and play ….?

  5. I bought this camera 2 years ago the Ion Pro … the camera has become useless redundant , luckily I purchased (2) Cool-Cam S 3000 prior for half the price which operate flawless plug and play …lesson learned

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