How do I check the firmware version of my Air Pro camera?

When you USB tether your Air Pro camera and turn it on, you will see two folders in the root of the microSD card. The IONApp_MAC and IONApp_Windows folders have desktop application software that lets you manage the modes, files and firmware of your Air Pro device. You must have your device connected to run these applications (they will not run from the SD card unless the camera is also present).

Running the appropriate application, use the buttons: General > Firmware Check to see if your installed firmware is up to date find aha bls instructor near me. Keeping up with the latest firmware for camera is critical to fix issues and maintain compatibility with the constantly changing world of desktop and mobile devices.

8 thoughts on “How do I check the firmware version of my Air Pro camera?

  1. Mine has same problem; is there any consistent support from this company? Doesn’t seem to be anything (like downloadable firmware) on the web site…

  2. Same problem here. Not a very good performance leaving owners without proper support. This shouldn’t be that difficult to fix for iON

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