I charged my camera for hours but it won’t turn on

Be sure that you have used the wall adapter, ION Battery Booster or a high speed USB 2.0 port to charge the camera. The camera will not charge properly on a USB 1.1 port. A USB hub with many connections may not properly charge the camera either. A camera that is turned off and then connected for charging will have a bright red LED. The LED will change to a dull red flash when the camera has finished charging.

For USB charging, make sure you are using a properly wired 5v source and an iON specification USB cable.

3 thoughts on “I charged my camera for hours but it won’t turn on

  1. You need to tell us how we can change the battery once the unit won’t charge anymore. I have had two Air Pro Cameras for less than a year and one will no longer charge. It is complicated to take it apart but I am game if I know what type of battery I need to buy to replace it. Appreciate your help.

  2. Simple Ion Pro camera’s are faulty and basically redundant in 2018 the cheaper model the Cool Cam is more user friendly and better looking plug and go camera ..

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