Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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It is an important time for popular strategizing throughout the country, similar to what occurred in Colombia when the Tribunal held sessions there from to and again from to We demand that the federal government put the interests of rural people and the majority of Mexican farmers above those of the transnationals.

Caught up in the whirl of events and in the crush of deadlines for granting or denying the commercial planting permits that Monsanto, Dow Agrosciences, and Pioneer Transgenjco Mexico applied for in September, the organizations involved in the fight against GMOs turned to legal channels.

La Jornada: No más permisos al maíz transgénico

Our cities would be inundated with contaminated maize that has been shown to be transgenjco with health risks in studies in other countries — which is precisely what our communities and organizations have been saying for the past eleven years. We wish to share our concern for the health, culture, and economy of our nation, which are transgenkco degraded by a development model that favors a minority, including those transnational corporations that are now conspiring to take control over one of the greatest treasures of our peoples: We have said it before, but it must be repeated: This dynamic, unparalleled mega-experiment in indigenous plant breeding is one the peoples of Mesoamerica have been carrying out ceaselessly for over six thousand years.

As the new administration took power, various student, community, and environmental organizations, both urban and rural, held an event on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food Sagarpawhich has final authority over GMO permits.


Download PDF version 2. Si estas en el campo, puedes observar quienes siembran y preguntar en cada lugar siempre hay un campesino que cuida y mantiene las semillas que le han herededo sus padres y abuelos o que han recuperado con la labor diaria de la siembra.

These are states in which large quantities of maize are grown for human consumption. The company owns the exclusive worldwide rights to the IP portfolio developed by Dr.

¡No al maíz transgénico!

Grain Grain GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. Among its allies, it seems, we find some of the same players that have been promoting GMOs as a way to increase productivity, deal with climate change, and offers scientific solutions for agriculture. Shortly afterward, the international organization AVAAZ published a petition against GE maize, with more than 42, signatures from people around the world, as a result of a campaign launched in conjunction with the Mexican organizations involved.

Its press release states:. A sixth case is designed to shed light on the corrupt relationship between public research institutions and private companies.

Months of effort, initiative, and coordinated mobilization have gone into this.

This is why, given the emergency we are now facing, it is so important to redouble our efforts to preserve and fortify native seeds and the trusted channels through which they are exchanged, and through which their diversity is preserved. Lumpkin claims that when delivered by non-profit organisations such as CIMMYT, genetically modified organisms GMOs can help tackle rural inequality by spreading technology that is currently largely limited to the developed world.

PPT organizers say that the more people there are contributing their experience and vision to the analysis of the difficulties facing peasants — not to mention the outright attacks on them — the clearer the path ahead will be.

This case argues that the companies are either undermining or outright attempting to prohibit ancestral and contemporary strategies that people can use to take care of their own subsistence — what people call peasant farming, which can simply be defined as independent or independent-minded farming methods.


In comparison, Mexican peasants plant about billion maize seeds every year, representing 59 native landraces.

Precisely which steps are to be taken domestically and internationally will depend on the circumstances of the approval, assuming it takes place. None of them showed up or even formally responded to the invitation.

These well-funded projects leave a bitter taste since the Green Revolution signified a new phase in the war on subsistence, with crop intensification and lab-created seed programs, eroded and drug-addicted soils, and meico of peasants as allegedly inefficient producers. Activists marshaled a wide range of responses to GMOs and yransgenico what had seemed to be the unquestionable authority of government officials and scientists.

Los mexicanos consumimos, en promedio, medio kilo [ I hope that the government of Mexico transgenido take account of the concerns of all interested parties and will make appropriate decisions.

Por todas estas razones: A mi tambien me interesa mucho consegir variedades auctoctonas. The Gates Foundation has for some time been promoting its new Green Revolution for Africa, creating a whirlwind of resistance as restrictions on what, how, and where to plant have become increasingly intolerable.

No acataremos las leyes injustas que criminalizan las semillas y la vida campesina. They grasp the need for resistance. Ten years on 16 November The global farmland grab by pension funds needs to stop 13 November Supermarkets out of Africa!

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We stand for the political, biological, and territorial integrity of Mexico as the centre of origin and ongoing diversity of maize, as embodied in the continuing vitality of its indigenous peoples. Another countered that since four months had elapsed since the filing of the applications, the permit was deemed to have been denied.