Turn your Digital Voltmeter into an Inductance and capacitance meter. Page 1. Page 2. Products 1 – 20 of 22 Source LCR Meter Accessories at ; the leading distributor of IT, Test Peak Electronic Design LLSm LCR Meter Adapter.

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Simple Audio Signal Injector Here’s a signal injector for those of us like me who don’t have a bench full of nice test equipment.

Inductance and capacitance meter adapter for DVM

Use an DVM with high input impedance to measure a voltage across the capacitor “C”. This circuit is only accurate for broadband inductors.

Just saying hello Started by MichaelaJoy Yesterday at 6: I used it when developing a d. Headphone amplifier is small enough to fit in Altoids tin box, and thanks to low power consumption may be supplied from a single inducance battery. A switch S2 is used to configure the measurement circuit.

The source of the voltage is negative pulses across the inductance Lx. Replacing a 4 pin leaded inductor with a 2 pin Started by gkmaia Yesterday at It is a very useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out the frequency of various devices with unknown frequency such as oscillators, radio receivers, transmitters, function generators, crystals, etc.


C5 in feedback circuits. The voltage regulator provides 6-Volts stabilized voltage for the circuit. Connect a battery and a DVM digital volt meterput a known inductor in the LX position then adjust the potentiometer until you get the anticipated reading on the DVM. Adalter carbonzit Creation date May 25, For example, use a 1 microhenry inductor and adjust the potentiometer to get mv on the DVM.

This device is an addon to a digital or analog voltmeter. You can control lights, fans, AC system, computer, printer, amplifier, robots, garage door, security systems, motor-driven curtains, motorized window blinds, door locks, sprinklers, motorized projection screens and anything else you can think of.

If not, you may have too much inductance in the leads to LX or adspter connected Inductamce to a noisey ground point.

LC Connector adapter

Here are some things to check when calibrating: Potentiometer Questions Started by norbss Yesterday at For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you use a DIP, your life 869 be much easier.

Never mind, just adjust the oscillator meterr until you get it to calibrate. If yours runs at a greatly different frequency, try changing the oscillator components or try using a 74HC14 made by a different manufacturer.

MFJ Enterprises Inc.

More precise measurements I do with a resonance bridge. Media New media New comments Search media. Adapted switch S2 is in position “L”. There is a remote possibility that you are using a damaged 74HC14, but check this last since it isn’t very likely.


This circuit provides DC output voltage on the clamps X6, X7, and this voltage is directly proportional to the inductance of Lx. I had run across the forerunner of this circuit, one that is more sophisticated in that it has a zero adjustment and range switch, but it was limited to higher inductances. Real-Time ‘Stopwatch’ This is a simple electronic “stopwatch” you can use jnductance time an event.

Inductance Meter

You might have some trouble getting the qdapter to calibrate if the switching thresholds on your 74HC14 are very different from the one I used, so you might have to change the resistance in the osicllator or the capacitor in order to claibrate the circuit.

The circuit includes an auto ranging as well as reset switch and produces very accurate and stable readings. Resource icon Inductance measuring adapter for multimeter A two deck rotary switch S1 selects one of five metdr ranges.

It also analyzes transistor’s characteristics such as voltage and gain.