Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from . Dialog Professional and the Dialog Executive. In this Ericsson Enterprise AB. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. System telephone for MD, release BC7-BC Dialog IP Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. Dialog Telephone pdf manual download.

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Verify a programmed number or function Program Press Press selected function key The stored number or function is displayed. Access 1 and Access 2 forms your extension number and are available both for incoming and outgoing calls. Page 2 The information in this document is subject to alteration without prior notice.

The messages will be printed out on a printer connected to the computer. Program Access 1 Program Dialog Programming of ringing signals You have 6 programmable ringing signals on your telephone.

Page 64 Authorization code, common optional If you are assigned to use a common authorization code 1 to 7 digits you can temporarily change any used telephone within the exchange to the authority level connected to this code. Page 38 Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: Inquiry Access 1 Access 1 Inquiry Dialog Inquiry You have speech connection on Access 1 and want to make an inquiry to an internal or external party.

Tone characteristics The tones shown in this section are the most used tones worldwide. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

So if you are a customer with a problem, we want to know about it. Voice mail or a colleague. Page 38 Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: Dial the digit or digits to get an external line and the external number To change your individual authority code Press Enter old authorization code and press Dial new authorization code and press Verification tone.



Diaoog your operator for the external line numbers. Also See for Dialog User manual – pages Quick reference manual – 2 pages Quick reference manual – 40 pages. Use the Absence information function or call the operator. Once a line becomes free you will receive a dial tone. If you find that the notification of message waiting is intrusi- ve or you want to shut off the notification: Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: CAW see display or Call waiting function key pre-programmed by you.

Internal follow-me must be ordered from your own extension before you can redirect from answering position. Erocsson Enter the authorization code and press Dial your own extension number and press Dial tone. Your telephone must be idle and unlocked to be able to browse the log. Optional key panel With 17 dual-function programmable keys.

If the special dial tone is received, the authorization code for the other extension is required. Inquiry can only be used for outgoing calls. The number that requested message waiting is shown in the display. The function can be permanently ericssonn or activated by use of a function key programmed by system administrator. Number has dialled number and the call is directly diverted to you. Rapidly flashing lamp An incoming call.

Labels, Dialog | Ericsson Dialog User Manual | Page 87 / 92

The different signals can be programmed on access lines, additional lines and multiple represented lines. Press to establish a conference Note: User Guide Dialog Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: Press to toggle between headset with or without loudspeaking Headset to handsfree Press Press the headset key Note: Press to redirect Calls are diverted to the answering position.


All calls can be handled via the headset. The number that requested message waiting is shown in the display. Labels Dialog Labels Copy these labels and use the copies for your own labelling. Lift the handset when you are called back The system calls the extension. If you use melodies to signal incoming calls, this will replace the tone character. Page 43 Assign the key.

Ericsson Dialog 3213 Phone

If there is additional ericsson in the directory for the name being displayed, this is shown under the name, e.

Call the ringing extension If the calling party has activated Call waiting, you can receive a second call even if Free on 2nd access is not activated. Save Sialog Number To save an external number: Enter text from picture: Other Useful Facilities Account code optional This function is used to charge a call to an account number or to prevent unauthorised calls from your telephone.