With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom to. Editorial Reviews. Review. An Essay by Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg. As featured on There have been a lot of big. With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom.

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This inspired some people to create political action groups focused on the needs of women living alone.

He is the author of Going Solo: This is my th review. Worth a read whether or not you live alone. For precisely that reason they are not keen to go and live with their married sons klunenberg daughters either, telling Klinenberg that they are wary of being put to work as unpaid domestic skivvies.

Eric Klinenberg

What are some of its effects in the public sphere? She never struck me as sad or lonely. When k,inenberg not here, I get to enjoy that space and solitude, recharge and connect with friends and work on causes dear to me, but I also feel like I accidentally forgot my left arm somewhere.

Feb 02, Pages. Instead of showing the resilience of rising above and the solutions to the expected problems that come with aging, this book wallows in the negative. Apr 24, Gayle rated it it was amazing Shelves: And that certainly was not as easy to do before the s.

Unnervingly, Klinenberg’s message in the remaining few chapters seems to be, “We’re all fucked. This book presented a ton of interesting facts on the phenomenon of living alone in a city, however none of them were outright shocking, or too far afield of what I would have guessed. Very bad stylistic decision. This was a pretty good read. Also by Eric Klinenberg. It’s worth noting that the author is happily married with children, and he got the incentive to write up on singleton society after the lethal Chicago heatwave of that killed hundreds of people who lived alone, isolated from the help of the community.


I did learn a lot about myself and probably shouldn’t have gotten married the first time without having done it. For these children, college requirements of sharing a bedroom can be less than pleasant and leave young people with negative experiences of co-habitating.

Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg – review | Books | The Guardian

Mar 05, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: I’m not sad or lonely, nor have I been abandoned. Klinenbergg marriages I lived alone for a decade, basically. When Klininberg investigated a wave of heat-related deaths in Chicago, he discovered the majority of them had some sad facts in common: Nearly all male case studies in this book were gay, HIV, substance abuse, adulterers stuck in a downward spiral of self-destruction.

Two stars for the outright lie-there is no surprising appeal of living alone.

According to Klinenberg, some of the main reasons that living alone has become so popular in the United States and other highly developed countries is due to the wealth generated by economic development and social security developed by modern welfare. Dec 10, Eri rated it liked it. Elderly believe that living alone allows them to maintain their dignity, integrity, and autonomy.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

Gathering up these threads — of those who aspire to live alone, those who happily already do, and those who accept that it is probably the best they can do — Klinenberg argues that we need to stop worrying about what it all means and concentrate instead on making it work.


You can’t go to the person that you’re with for help with this problem because, in your eyes, they are the problem. I wanted a chapter about people with disabilities who live alone. Maybe it’s in my genes? Lists with This Book. To ask other readers questions about Going Soloplease sign up. Anecdotally, too, the current recession seems to have sharpened the longing for a room — or, better still, a nice one-bedroom flat with low service charges — of one’s own. The second group is in transit.

However, after a four year campaign focused on creating this kind of political action group, the increase in political participation among women living alone was marginal.

Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg – review

He spoke with Joseph Stromberg. And what Klinenberg found surprised him.

I’d also like to see clearer divisions among the singletons—men separated from women, early twenties from middle-ages and the elderly—leading to more exclusive discussions on each category, because there are such a vast difference in motives and contexts that lead to their single lifestyle. In sooo book I argue that the spike of living alone has played a large and overlooked role in revitalizing cities, because singletons are so likely to go out in the world, to be in cafes and restaurants, to volunteer in civic organizations, to attend lectures and concerts, to spend time in parks and other public spaces.