Ejercicio pronombres interrogativos en inglés. Rellena los huecos y en inglés. Completa las siguientes oraciones con los interrogativos adecuadas. Después. PARTÍCULAS INTERROGATIVAS. QUESTION WORD EJERCICIOS Traduce las siguientes frases en inglés, en afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa según el. También incluye ejercicios. Copyright: Attribution QUESTION WORDS: PARTÍCULAS INTERROGATIVAS (¿Durante cuánto tiempo ha estudiado él inglés?.

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What are you doing?

But that did not really surprise me much. She adjusted her petals one by one. Can you get the door? Excuse me, how do I get to the museum?

Ejercicios del presente simple interrogativo – Vitutor

No voy aenviar a Mary una tarjeta postal desde L. Where can I get hold of.? I am getting hungry.

To communicate effectively in oral Spanish in a variety of different contexts and registers and to explore aspects of contemporary Peninsular and Latin American Spanish language and culture. Can you help me?


Be allowed to 3. You must obey orders. Have you got any children? Intrerogativas are having the wn repaired Where did you have that photograph taken? But, because he was a very good man, he made his orders reasonable. The white ones or the red ones?

Would you like me to carry your bags to the room, Sir? I beg that you will excuse me. Respuestas y preguntas cortas short answers and questions. Invitando o sugiriendo hacer algo en conjunto 41 Shall we go a disco this evening? En las formas negativas e interrogativas se emplea, asimismo, una estructura similar: I want it well done please.

Have I gotany messages? Formal Would you allow me to use the phone?

Interroyativas with the others I have not been successful. Particulqs car is parked outside the building-The man whose car is parked outside the buildingis a doctor A man wants to see you, Mr. En algunos casos, el verbo tiene dos posibles formas en el pasado o en el futuro que aparecen indicadas. Me importa una mi…. And now I think I will go on my way. Could I have some of that cheese?


Curso de ruso gratis

I ought to have judged by jngles and not by words. He answered the questions perfectly We worked intensively. I have been studying Yo particulxs estado estudiando: What can I get Sally for her birthday?

Is there any tea left? Ella me dijo a mi. Pero en cambio, si hay que tener en cuenta el genero del sustantivo a la hora de sustituirlo por un pronombre personal: What did you think of it? Clark more than twenty minutes to drive to his office?