(3)Unidad de Gestión Clínica de Urgencias, Hospital Universitario Central de CONCLUSION: Most patients tolerated treatment with the Boussignac CPAP. CPAP generated by the Boussignac CPAP system and its optimal humidification with the Department of Pulmonology, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de. Paris. The Boussignac CPAP valve (Vygon ®) inserted into a face mask. Sir:The use of standard devices to Recently, an innovative device has.

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Respir Care ; 50 Ventilator circuit, leading to a pump.

Artificial noses with anti-bacterial and anti-viral filter Filtraflux. In-hospital and long-term prognosis of elderly patients requiring endotracheal intubation for life-threatening presentation of cardiogenic pulmonary edema. The distal connector at the device’s open end connects to the driving gas air or Boussignsc 2and the proximal connector on the patient side allows either oxygen supplementation or mask-pressure measurement.

Continuous positive airway pressure versus bilevel noninvasive ventilation in acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema: The other authors have disclosed no conflicts of interest. We recorded demographic data, diagnosis, techniques and drugs used, technique failure and boussignac, vital constants, heart rate [HR], respiratory frequency [RF], systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and arterial oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry [SpO2] at 5 times during the event on contact without oxygen therapy in place, with conventional oxygen therapy, 5 and 15 minutes after starting CPAP, and on hospital transferand the duration of prehospital care.


Treatment of severe cardiogenic pulmonary edema with continuous positive airway pressure delivered by face mask.

Boussignac / Vygon CPAP

The prospective part of the study was conducted over a period of 24 months. We buossignac respiratory muscle energy expenditure from the esophageal pressure-time product per breath and per minute, by measuring the area under the esophageal pressure signal between the onset of inspiratory effort and the end of inspiration.

Heat-and-moisture exchanger did not influence particle size in our study. Am Rev Bouszignac Dis ; 2: A year old man who sustained many episodes of acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema successfully treated with Boussignac continuous positive airway pressure: Am Rev Respir Dis ; 1: JAMA ; Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on American Association for Respiratory Care. Templier 1 Estimated H-index: John Victor PeterJohn L. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Intubation accessories Glottiscope Right angled swivel connector for E. We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail.

Thoracic drainage Silicone thoracic drain Easydrain Single valve for thoracic drainage Double valve for thoracic drainage, Heimlich type Adjustable hose clip Thoracic drain Complete tray for thoracic drainage Boussihnac thoracic trocar and drain – 8 cm Thoracic trocar and drain Thoracic trocar and drain – 15 cm Thoracic trocar and drain – 28 cm.

Artificial noses Heat and moisture exchangers. Tracheostomy Tracheostomy tube Montandon tube. Abstract Background Continuous positive airway pressure CPAP treatment for acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema can have important benefits in acute cardiac care.


CPAP + nebulizer + fixation harness + facial mask

Chest ; 2: Data from the prospective BCPAP cohort of patients were compared with the data from a historical control group. Neonatal nasal ventilation Single tube Double tube. Continuous positive airway pressure reduces work of breathing and dyspnea during weaning from mechanical ventilation in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Continuous positive airway pressure CPAP was driven with dry compressed air.

Catalogue – Vygon | Value Life

We cannot exclude the possibility that the high flow in the CPAP device increased aerosol particle impaction in the mask. To evaluate the relationship between the gas flow in the device and the pressure generated in the mask, we recorded the pressure in the mask at several flows.

Skip to main content. Additional information Brochure Contains Latex: The O 2 flow was the same throughout all experiments.


This evaluation was performed from a hospital perspective, and all relevant costs made between admission and discharge from the hospital were taken into account. Work of breathing before and after nebulized terbutaline delivered via standard nebulization method versus delivered during continuous positive airway pressure CPAP.

Vascular access – Infusion.