– V (ATmega8L) . Disclaimer. Typical values contained in this datasheet are based on simulations and characterization of other AVR .. ATmega8L-8PI. Atmel ATMEGA8L-8PI. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. ATMEGA8L-8PI datasheet, ATMEGA8L-8PI pdf, ATMEGA8L-8PI data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Atmel, bit AVR Microcontroller with 8K Bytes In- System.

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This device can also be supplied in wafer form.


Add Immediate to Word. Byte-oriented Two-wire Serial Interface. As inputs, Port B pins that are externally pulled low will source. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property right is granted by this document or in connection with the sale of Atmel products.

This will be fixed in ATmega8 Rev. As inputs, Port B pins that are externally pulled low will source current if the pull-up resistors are activated. Depending on the clock selection fuse settings, PB6 can be used as input to the inverting Oscillator amplifier and input to the internal clock operating circuit.


Shorter pulses are not guaranteed to generate a reset. Please contact your local Atmel sales office for detailed ordering information dtasheet. Clear Signed Test Flag. Indirect Call to Z. Signature may be Erased in Serial Programming Mode If the signature bytes are read before a chiperase command is completed, the signature may be erased causing the device ID and calibration bytes to disappear.

ATMEGA8L-8PI (ATMEL) PDF技术资料下载 ATMEGA8L-8PI 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/23 页)

Some of the Status Flags are cleared by writing a logical one to them. A low datasheet on this pin for longer than the minimum pulse length will gener. San Jose, CA Load Indirect with Displacement. Dimensions D1 and E1 are maximum. Atmel does not make any commitment to update the information contained herein. Various minor TWI corrections.

ATMEGA8L-8PI – ATmega8L 28-Pin 8MHz 8kb 8-bit Microcontroller

Indirect Jump to Z. The boot program can use any interface to download the application program in the Application Flash memory.


Test for Zero or Minus. The Port B output buffers have symmetrical drive characteristics with both high sink. Load Program Memory and Post-Inc.

Port D also serves the functions of various special features of the ATmega8 as listed on page Dimensions D1 and E1 are maximum plastic body size dimensions including mold mismatch. Note that the electri. Programmable Flash on a monolithic chip, the Atmel ATmega8 is a powerful microcon.

atega8l-8pi Subtract Immediate from Word. In Power-save mode, the asynchronous timer continues to run, allowing the. The resulting architecture is more code efficient while achieving throughputs up to.

Various minor Timer 1 corrections. Note that the electrical characteristics of PC6 differ from those of the other pins of Port C.

ATmega8 8-bit AVR Microcontroller With 8K Bytes Of In-System Programmable Flash

Store Indirect and Pre-Dec. Most Single-clock Cycle Execution. Skip if Bit in Register is Set.