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In the day-to-day administration, the king was assisted by a few functionaries. The most important of them is the hump- ed ncerr. Traces of new peoples appear in a cemetery belonging to the late phase of Harappa, where new kinds of pottery occui in r.s.hsarma latest levels.

Their pots were meant for cooking, eating and storing. We come across a series of brick platforms which formed the basis for two rows of six granaries.

How did it affect their insia All these are indispensable to historical reconstruction, but they are not found in any systematic form in the Puranas Indians display considerable lustoucal sense in biographical writings which started with the composition of the Harshacharita by Bunabhatta in the seventh century.

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We do not know whether the plough was drawn by men or oxen Stone sickles may have been used for harves- ting the crops Gubar bands or nalas enclosed by dams for storing water were a feature in parts of Baluchistan and Afghanistan, but channel or canal irrigation seems to have bean absent.


However, the most dis- tinctive pottery of the aancient is known as Painted Grey Ware. The coastal areas along the Eastern and Western Ghats attracted sett lei s and traders, and the south cained on-a flourishing foreign bade. The Vedic Samhitas were followed by the composition of a series of texts known as the Br’ahmanas. Finally, we have many donative records which refer specially to gifts of money, cattle, land, etc.

These artifacts served several purposes They were nxert not only for fishing, hunting and fighting but also for artisanal and agricultural use They presuppose good tech- nological skill and knowledge on.

Significance of the Maurya Rule. Even then the prac- tice of engraving inscriptions on stone continued in south India on a large scale.

Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT

We find the use of baked bricks in con- temporary Mesopotamia, but they were used to a much larger r.ssharma in the Harappan cities. They have also been found m Baluchistan At about the same time the use of iron appeared in eastern Panjab, western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

They used the lota, but there is no trace of the thali In south India the neolithic phase imperceptibly faded into the stone-copper phase, and so these cultures are called neohthic-chalcohthlc. Various causes have been suggested. Learn More at wikibuy.

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The artifacts of this age are also found at several places on the river Narmada, and also at several places south of the Tungabhadra river. However, some r.s.shxrma seem to have been attached to territories. Answered Jun 21, It is evident that those who possessed these objects were affluent The dates, which have been scientifically established, show that this hcert of culture was not older than B.


An examination of animal bones enables us to find out whether the animals were domesticated, and also to point out the uses to which they were put. The Sangam litera- ture is a very major source of nccert information for the social, economic and political life of the people living in deltaic R.ssharma Naduin the early Christian centimes What it says about trade and commerce is attested by foreign accounts and archaeological finds.

Ancient Indian history is interesting because India proved to be a crucible of numerous races. An epigraphist can decipher most ins- criptions of the country up to about the eighth century, if he has carefully learnt Brahmi and its variations. A fifth city lay at Kalibangan in northern Rajasthan.

They were clearly expert copper amcient and also good workers in stone. The advantage of this book is that, all events are presented chronologically. Still have a question? See all customer images. Situated at a distance of kilometres they were linked together by the Indus.

It would be wrong to think that all the people who used anciient pottery possessed the same culture. They r.s.sharrma the lules accoidmg to which propel ty is to be held, sold and inherited. You dismissed this ad. For construction and tool- making all kinds of stones including sandstone aio available in the country. A piece of woven cotton has been recovered from Mohenjo-daro, and textile im- pressions found on several objects.

Important powers fought for the possession of these plains and valleys.